Our Mission at Resonanz Consulting

Resonanz Consulting is a dynamic business consultancy committed to innovative, principled business strategies that utilise clients’ core strengths and goals - facilitating sustainable, long term growth and profit.

Resonanz Consulting wants to help business owners strategically increase their profits through more sophisticated planning, research, and competitor and customer analysis. Unlike many other consulting firms, the goal of Resonanz Consulting is to provide clients with a clear road map with sound strategies and recommendations. We endeavour to add commercial value by offering tailored and unique business solutions in a highly collaborative and entrepreneurial format.
Resonanz Consulting offers professional advice and guidance, based around our motto “Like advice from a friend”.  We offer very open and direct consultation, with one previous client stating that “… you guys give me advice that I may not want to hear, but have to hear”.
You will not receive a ‘pre-packaged’ approach to your business – we will listen, work with you, and utilise our experience to provide you with unique and honest advice based on your needs…


Like Advice From a Friend!

Resonanz Consulting is a multi-award winning organisation. Awards include ‘Social Responsibility Award’ and Sustainability Award.


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Like Advice From a Friend